Pink Floyd was Glowing at Wellmont

The Wellmont Theater hosted the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular, offering dazzling lights and lasers to accompany the beloved band's music.

Wellmont Theater hosts Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular.

Upon entering the Wellmont Theater for the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular, I noticed the lights in the ceiling consisted of glowing pinks, greens and purples.  There was an upbeat groan of indistinguishable, experimental music that haunted the halls.  The crowd that had gathered were all diverse in style; an array of everyday people walked the venue.  This made the experience more interesting, signifying how the band, Pink Floyd, appeals to people as a whole.

While entering the doors to the Wellmont Theater to find my seat I was thrown for an awesome, unexpected surprise: 3D glasses.  As I finally reached my seat and settled in, the music soon began.

Stage Lights
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The show started off with “Breathe,” by the legendary Pink Floyd.  From the very start I knew I was in for a good time.  When music began, so did the sporting of the lights. There were no lasers yet, only a multitude of motion bound colorful lights that moved in such a way it made the music come to life.  The 3D glasses took everything about the psychedelic performance and made it kaleidoscopic.

In the next Pink Floyd song, “Time,” clock chimes and rings filled the venue.  At last, the beaming light source, the laser, jolted from the stage!  Lasers shot out and flew in every direction in time with the medley.  Huge screens were bright with pictures of clocks.  Centering the screen was a laser figure continually shaping into different figures with the lyrics, representing the meaning of the verse that had been sung.

The first half of the Pink Floyd show was themed off the Dark Side of the Moon album.  There was another theme going on as well; the screen played scenes from The Wizard of Oz.  After elbowing a friendly neighbor I found out that, rumor has it, that this classic film and album were made to correspond with each other.  However after a bit of research, its remarkably choreographed nature is only a coincidence.  Either way, music and the visuals took the Wellmont Theater audience to a different place, just like the tornado did to Dorothy.

After a short intermission, the second half began.  This time the album The Wall was the main auditory track.  Favorites like “Mother,” “Is There Anybody Out There?” and “Comfortably Numb” were executed perfectly by the breathtaking visual performance and sung along to by much of crowd.  There was a wonderful feeling of togetherness while the audience displayed admiration in sync and harmonized the lyrics as one.

By virtue of good performance, as the event drew near the end the laser visuals intensified.  There was the firework-grand-finale-feel and suddenly one of those inflatable blow-up men flew up into the air, the crowd went wild and the show ended.

The artistic display of affection during the Pink Floyd Laser Spectacular was like ice cold pink lemonade on a hot day.  The performance expressed the music of the beloved band and let the Wellmont Theater audience escape reality by way of light and sound.

Coming up next at the Wellmont Theater is the Psychedelic Furs on Friday, April 4. Tickets are available now starting at just $29, and can be purchased online at or at the Wellmont box office. Be sure to get your tickets quick because this show is sure to be a hit!

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