Project Graduation 2014 Gearing Up

Montclair High School's Project Graduation ready for the graduating Class of 2014

Project Graduation 2014 is just around the corner!

project graduation 2014
Seniors on Project Graduation night last year. Photo courtesy of Scott Kennedy.

With Montclair High School graduation approaching, it’s time  for Project Graduation 2014. Project Graduation is the annual party for the graduating MHS class that immediately follows graduation and lasts into the wee hours of the following morning. It gives MHS seniors one last time to hang out as a grade before they head off for all their different colleges.

Right after the ceremony, the new MHS graduates are given t-shirts, whisked onto buses, and then taken to a top-secret location. The bus ride to the event is protected by the Montclair Police Department and Emergency Medics, so don’t be alarmed if you here sirens sounding across town on June 23.  The location is a mystery to all but a few for the head of Project Graduation 2014 development keeps the destination and events a secret so that it’s a surprise to the students and to fend away kids who may want to crash the event.

The Project Graduation 2014  is organized with the help of senior parents, MHS staff and the Montclair community. Everyone is always willing to pitch in, especially parents, who are fond of the program because it provides safe and sober fun for the new graduates,  they keeping drugs and alcohol the whole graduation celebration.

“It’s a safe way to spend the evening of graduation, a drug and alcohol free chance for graduates to be gathered together before their path to a post-grad life begins,” explained Scott Kennedy, an MHS parent who is both involved with and fond of Project Graduation.

Little more can be revealed about Project Graduation 2014 because the mystery must be preserved for the soon to be MHS graduates. But what can be shared is ways the Montclair community can get involved and show their support for the class of 2014.

One of the ways Montclairians can get involved is to purchase a lawn sign to celebrate the 2014 graduates. Studio042 can customize your to a specific grad, or just leave it as sign to congratulate the whole class in general. Another fun way Montclairians can get involved is by stepping out the night of graduation and cheering on all the seniors as they drive by in their Project Graduation buses!

Head to Studio042 to purchase your sign, go online to or call 973-509-7591 from Monday through Friday between the hours of 8 am- 6 pm. Congratulations, Class of 2014!


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