RPM Development Group

RPM Development Group bridges the stages of development, construction, leasing and property management in the creation of affordable housing.

RPM creates better housing.

From the drawing board comes the roof over a community with RPM. The team at RPM works with the state and federal agencies to create a neighborhood from abandoned spaces. A second life is given to forgotten buildings and historic places, a renovated future for those who reside. Not only are these homes a new start for settlers, but a vibrant mark to bring the surrounding community to life.

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Since 1986 their goal has remained: to create homes, but at affordable prices and with literal support to the structure. An idea becomes a reality after approvals are met; RPM takes an attractive vision to the hands of skilled workers and a new address is furnished.

RPM has completed thousands of units statewide ranging from neighborhood development, commercial redevelopment, historical renovation, to industrial re-use. You can go to their website to see their completed projects at rpmdev.com/Drupal/completed.

The better bet may be to see those projects in progress and apply early to snag your spot. Apartment locations include Bloomfield, Camden, Franklin Township, Jersey City, Newark, Orange, Trenton and Woodbury, to name a few. Once you designate your desired location, it is suggested to start the application promptly. Buildings are in high demand and a screening process is conducted to make sure you are a proper fit for the RPM community before any work can be started.

If you are looking for a home instead of a rental, RPM will guide you through your process. Most clients are first-time buyers and with a lack of experience and a need for a low monthly bill, RPM accommodates their customer accordingly.

RPM Development Group makes living affordable for a long-term commitment and offers any help they can! Contact RPM Development Group today. For general inquiries, stop in at 77 Park Street in Montclair, N.J., call at 973-744-5410 or email at info@rpmdev.com.

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