Rrefurbish Fashion Alters Thrift Shopping

Rrefurbish Fashion offers beautiful options for thrift shoppers, being one of the only two thrift shops in all of Montclair.

Rrefurbish Fashion brings something new to Montclair.

A new thrift shop that offers an additional service to your fashion needs: Rrefurbish Fashion. Down Bloomfield Avenue you’ll find many clothing boutiques with the latest trends and others with a fashion twist. Between these fine boutiques with fine fashion garments you’ll find boutiques that cater to the taste of every age, while other specialize in a particular style for a particular audience, like Dem Two Hands.

Thrift shops have become the best places to come across a fashion adventure. Thrift shops offer you the opportunity to explore amongst all fashion trends, new and old.  Just like music, films and the arts in general, fashion also recycles itself. What was hot in the 70s came back and left again,  not to mention 70s fashion seems to be hitting the markets again this year! Of course, there are always those statements like “out with the old in with the new” that make you want to keep up with only modern trends, but in reality there’s nothing wrong with embracing a different sense of style when it comes to fashion. There’s no better place to do this than Rrefurbish Fashion.

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Thrift shops offer you an opportunity to explore your own sense of style. They offer you an opportunity to explore pieces that can lead you to create a style of your own and possibly become the new trend-setter in town.

A little out of the heart of Montclair you’ll find Rrefurbish Fashion at 344 Bloomfield Avenue. Rrefurbish Fashion specializes in tailoring garments in a careful yet short amount of time. So if you find yourself in need of a last minute alteration, this is the place for you. While you wait, you don’t have to keep looking at your watch as the minutes countdown to the last fitting, because you are exposed to a variety of garments and fashion pieces as this small homey venue is also a small thrift shop, becoming the second one in the town of Montclair.

Rrefurbish Fashion recently opened in November 2013. This freshly new thrift that has joined the numerous boutiques down Bloomfield Avenue varies in trends and designers, but specializes in vintage pieces. You’ll find vintage dresses, purses, hats and shoes, as well as modern style boots and heels for women. There’s a selection in ties, blazers and pants for men as well.

You don’t have to walk into Rrefurbish Fashion simply to tailor a garment during a last minute emergency call, but you can also check out some of their vintage pieces and have it costumed tailored to fit your body. They work hand in hand with Montclair’s “Coolest Thrift Shop on the Planet,” swapXXchange, as their customers bring in pieces they have recently found for custom tailoring by Hipolito Pollantis. At Montclair you are exposed to fine restaurants, café’s and studios, but next time you’re strolling down the avenue, explore the town’s new vintage thrift store for a new shopping experience.

You can check out their locations, services,  and hours at refurbishfashion.com.

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