Silversun Pickups Play More For Wellmont

Wellmont veterans Silversun Pickups had tons of loyal fans rocking out to their music on Saturday, May 4, but left their new listeners wanting a little more.

Silversun Pickups bring fans to their feet at the Wellmont once again.

The show opening band, Bad Books, came out on stage with high energy, and they were definitely ready to have a good time.  The band opened with their song “After Party,” which got the crowd going.  It was then revealed that the lead singer of the band, Kevin Devine, had actually sold merchandise at the Wellmont for the Counting Crows.  The band then proceeded to do charming impressions of the Counting Crows.

The band members of Bad Books include indie artist Devine, drummer Benjamin Homola and members of the band Manchester Orchestra: Andy Hull, Robert McDowell, Chris Freeman and Jonathan Corley.  Together they have two albums: a self-titled album that was released in October of 2009, and “II,” which was released in October 2012.

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Songs the band performed include their very first single “Forest Whitaker,” “How All This Ends,” “Friendly Advice,” “It Never Stops” and the band’s favorite, “Baby Shoes.” For more information on Bad Books, visit their website.

A brief intermission took place after Bad Book’s final song.  When the lights dimmed the audience was in an instant frenzy.  All the Silversun Pickups had to do was walk onto the stage.

Their first song, “Skin Graph,” had the crowd on their feet, clapping and rocking out.  As the concert continued, the fans were still really into it. Ironically, the band’s usual bassist, Nikki Monninger, was replaced temporarily since she was at home taking care of her new children. Other members of the band, including lead singer and guitarist Brian Aubert, drummer Chris Guanalo and keyboarder Joe Lester, all wished her well during her time off.

The songs performed were songs from “Pikul,” “Carnavas,” “Swoon” and their most recent album, “Neck of the Woods.”

The highlights of the show were “Here We Are (Chancer)”, “Little Lover’s So Petite,” “Catch and Release” and their final encore performance “Well Thought Out Twinkles,” ending the three total encores the band performed. For more information on the Silversun Pickups, please visit their website.

Coming next to the Wellmont Theatre is the Dark Star Orchestra on May 11. Tickets are $35 in advance and $40 the day of the show, and can be purchased on the Wellmont website.

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