Stellabird Creative Makes Your Heart Soar

Stellabird Creative, a Montclair design studio specializing in hand lettered signage for weddings and businesses, serves with enthusiasm and grace.

Customary lettering, hand-crafted by Stellabird Creative.

Photo courtesy of Stellabird.

Stella Tambone, founder of Stellabird Creative, has been surrounded by letters her whole life. She grew up around a freelance calligrapher and a musician – she called them Mom and Dad – that shaped her love of the arts and appreciation for creation.

Tambone studied psychology and theatre through college, but she also worked in an art supply store on the weekends. She was hired full-time in the custom stationery printing department, where her love for lettering sparked.

“To me, the way the lettering style interacted with the color and paper choices spoke just as much about the event as did the words printed on the page,” Tambone said.

Stellabird Creative blossomed when Tambone decorated the chalkboard for the boutique she worked at. Other business owners noticed her talent and asked her to develop signs or decorate their walls, which eventually became the basis for Stellabird Creative. Tambone started Stellabird Creative about two and a half years ago as a side project. She has designed menu boards and murals for local businesses since then – check out the Java Love menu, the Tommy Lasagna menu or the upcoming Montclair Barbershop wall – that shape a comfortable and cute atmosphere. Her style is unique, a smooth blend of traditional calligraphy and modern advertising. Stellabird Creative also offers services to events like weddings in the form of seating charts, welcome signs and menu boards.

“I focus mainly on chalk,” said Tambone. “I’ve had brides ask me to write on all sorts of surfaces from mirrors to wooden panels to sheets of metal. I love a challenge.”

Stellabird Creative tries to never say “no.” If Tambone needs assistance in building a surface up to her standards, she will work with local handyman Dan Cassidy to get results.

“I love working in Montclair because there is so much support for small business and an appreciation for handcrafted quality work,” said Tambone. She mentioned that most of her projects come from word of mouth within the community. “The community is so generous and friendly.”

Photo courtesy of Stellabird.

Tambone made Stellabird Creative her full-time job this past summer. She created a line of holiday cards this winter, a task she hopes to expand on and pursue in future months. To check out Tambone’s artwork or request a service, visit Call Stellabird Creative at 201-562-5492 or e-mail at

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