Mother’s Day Destinations

Make Mom happy this Mother's Day with these simple tricks. Flowers and chocolate are of course included. Check out Clores Flowers!

Mother’s Day Destinations

Kids Don’t Need to Go Far to Impress Mom This Mother’s Day. This Sunday is┬áMother’s Day. Time to put on your best shoes, comb that hair, and resist the tempting urge attracting you to social media. For this day and this day only, all of your attention is focused on Mom. Like children eagerly writing […]

Jazzy Music at Trend

Trend is getting jazzy with kids, family, guitars, and bongos. Seeing more families, both figuratively and literally, playing together and enjoying themselves while doing so adds more light to the Trend atmosphere than it already has had to begin with. Starting this off were father and daughter Dennis and Kelsey Vasquez. They chose to play […]

Family Fun at Trend

Some seasoned and soon-to-be seasoned performers bring equally talented family members to a packed event at Trend.

The inner family at Trend comes out. No warnings of storm or rain kept any frequent Trend Coffee and Tea regular or newcomer from coming to enjoy the usual mixed bag of open mic sets, which were cut down to a two-piece limit, as opposed to the usual three-piece limit, due to the nearly-full house. […]