Take Flight: the Start of a Great Season

Set in the early years of aviation, 'Take Flight' wove the lives of the Wright Brothers, Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh as they pursue their individual dreams of flight.

Take Flight with Montclair State University.

The show, Take Flight, had the ability to weave each of the individual narratives with both fact and fiction created a world that captured the audience’s attention. Add on the incredible acting of the shows leads, a great ensemble and amazing lighting and set design, you have a show that kicks off the season on a high note.

Fighter jet in flight
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Steve Raymond shined as Charles Lindbergh, as he we was able to bring a new dimension to this legend. Raymond was able to display the right mix of Lindbergh’s flaws and raw determination that brought him down to earth. This allowed the audience to really connect with him and care about the character throughout his journey.

Andrew Pace and Peter Surace were excellent as Orville and Willbur Wright as they were trying achieve flight. They were able show the strong bond that the two had as brothers at their lowest moments that were able to keep them going. At their lighter moments, they displayed an incredible sense of comedic timing that most would kill for.

No one can ever forget the powerful performance of Teresa Whitt as Amelia Earhart. Perfectly cast, she was the emotional core of the show; with every note she sang and every action she did had each and every audience member in the palm of her hand, wanting more.

Of course, we can’t mention Teresa Whitt without mentioning Christopher Cherin. As George Putnam, Cherin played the character as a seemingly controlling and calculating  businessman who was really someone complex and who wanted the love of Earhart. The audience couldn’t help but feel for Putnam as he got the tragic news of her disappearance and, only moments later, the  love which keeps him hoping to find her alive.

The ensemble cast members were great and were able to pull the audience into the world of Take Flight. Thankfully, each of the ensemble were able to show each of their full talents in the number that quickly became the audience favorite, “Back of the Line.”

The lighting and set design were amazing and flawless. Each, on their own, were able to hold the audience, and the marriage of both were able give the effect and sense that the audience members had soared in the air during the show’s flying scenes.

Overall, the production, Take Flight, was the perfect start to the season. It was able to connect to each of the audience member as they gave a standing ovation at the show’s end. If this is how the season starts, then no one can doubt that we will have an amazing season to come.

Mark your calendars to watch this great performance at Montclair State University’s Kasser Theater.

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