Tiny Elephant Makes An Appearance

Tiny Elephant will branch off of Watchung Booksellers, and is sure to be a hit with the early-afternoon rush looking for a cozy cafe to relax in.

Tiny Elephant will be a big cafe in Montclair!

Elephant isolated on white
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Tiny Elephant offers a place to have your cake, and read too! Have a party with food, music and giveaways, not to mention great company, which is free! This Friday, June 6, head over to 54 Fairfield Street for the new expansion of Watchung Booksellers: Tiny Elephant.

Tiny Elephant is a café, bakery and catering company that will serve breakfast, lunch and baked goods. This is a family adventure for sisters Alison Meade and Dana Bachan, who are just about ready to share their new store.

Currently a construction zone for those who have noticed will now turn heads in the direction of a morning munch. This is a great place to land a culinary café; avid readers will have a place to grab some grub while settling in with their new read, those ready to take on their morning commute can purchase a pick-me-up or an average day tester for the sweet-tooth can sit and sample the selection.

A recipe far from disaster, the family has been mixing for precision. Calling all family members on deck; even their 90-year-old grandmother has opened her cookbook in a mission for the must-have muffins. Reinventing grandma’s recipes, the big reveal includes three flavors at the forefront: pear walnut, plum crumb and whole-wheat applesauce banana.

Oh my yum, my love for muffins may have just pulled at my heartstrings and is now kicking me in motion to make an appearance for this party!

Let’s make sure there’s no awkwardness of this “Elephant in the room.” Celebrate the opening at 5:30 p.m. of the new Montclair spot that is sure to be hot. The ribbon will be cut at 6:30 p.m., but that hour in-between will be filled with dancing, eating and prize giveaways, all at zero expense. Be ready to talk, because this café seems about to be a lot larger then the name is letting on.

Check out Tiny Elephant on Facebook at facebook.com/tinyelephantmontclair.

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