‘Trainwreck’ is a Hit

'Trainwreck' is a summer hit that is sure to keep you laughing throughout the whole movie. Amy Schumer truly captures the audience with her jokes.

Trainwreck: the summer blockbuster.

Don’t let the name fool you. Trainwreck is the farthest thing from its title. If anything, it might just be the funniest movie of 2015 (so far).

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Trainwreck, the newest addition to director Judd Apatow’s immense comedic repertoire, follows the reckless lifestyle of Amy, a New York magazine writer who puts drinking and sleeping around with men at the top of her priority list. From a fairly early age, Amy has been led to believe by the likes of her deadbeat father, Gordon (wonderfully played by notable comedian Colin Quinn), that monogamy and commitment are both one big impractical hoax. Additionally, she uses such beliefs to go against her very-much married sister, Kim, at every opportunity possible. Nonetheless, Amy’s world gets flipped upside down upon meeting Aaron Conners, a charming sports physician as well as the subject of her new article for S’nuff magazine. Thus, Amy must decide if she is willing to let go of her conclusions on love for Aaron’s sake or if she will continue to let her disorderly behavior get the best of her.

Despite the familiar romantic comedy formula, it is safe to say that this movie is anything but familiar. Amy Schumer, a prevailing comedian who is known for her hilariously explicit sense of humor, is in the writer’s chair for the first time on the big screen. Hence, I feel like a warning is in order: this comedy is not for the faint of heart. Trainwreck finds its footing in how it dares to be obscene in such a routine genre. With this in mind, please be mindful when your children beg you to take them to this movie.

What surprised me even more than the unfamiliarity of it all was the brilliant casting decisions. Amy Schumer plays a fictional version of herself as the protagonist in this love story, and she’s really delightful for her Hollywood debut. Comedian/Saturday Night Live alum Bill Hader fits in perfectly as the geeky, yet alluring Aaron Conners. There are definitely many other notable names that show up to join in on the fun: everyone from Mike Birbiglia and Dave Attell to Tilda Swinton and even Matthew Broderick. However, the best acting shockingly came from the noteworthy athletes in Trainwreck. For instance, WWE fighter John Cena plays Steve, Amy’s clingy “boy-toy” (for lack of a better word), and his performance brings out some of the most memorable highlights of the film. Even NBA player LeBron James stands out completely as the witty and sentimental best friend to Hader’s Aaron Conners. Many of the laughs that you will get out of this smash-hit will be from James’ near-perfect portrayal of himself.

Overall, Trainwreck breaks down barriers, whether it be for the “rom-com” formula, athletes as actors, or even just the representation of females in the comedy world. It makes us love Amy Schumer for all of her flaws, and it even points out some of our own in the mix.

If you wish to check it out for yourself, Trainwreck is now playing locally in and around Montclair! Some theaters include AMC Essex Green Cinema 9 in West Orange, AMC Clifton Commons 16 and even AMC Loews Wayne 14.  For show times, a list of even more theaters and ticket purchases, visit fandango.com.


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