Flare Jeans and Looking Fabulous

Flare jeans are making a comeback, and here are some tips to help you incorporate them into your style this season.

Flare jeans make a comeback.

It very common for most of us women to own at least one pair of flare jeans; they’re very popular in most stores. The truth is that jeans can be quite comfortable to wear, especially for those who have the privilege to wear them to work on casual Fridays. Flare jeans are also for those fashonistas who are always rooting for the small gist of 70’s style in today’s fashion world, and who root for items that you can wear all year round. Yes, flare jeans are great!

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There is just one small problem, which is that flare jeans can easily look like an old pair old pair of jeans that you wore in high school if you don’t style them carefully. The trick with flare jeans stands at keeping it modern and chic with high-heels and other “grown up” pieces. Here are some tips:

  1. You must wear some sort of heel with them. Go for some classic pumps, booties or wedges. This is important because it keeps the style sophisticated. The point is you don’t want your jeans to drag on the floor. They should fall an inch or two from the front of your shoe so that you can see just a little of it.
  2. Next, bring back the 70’s. You don’t have to incorporate the entire 70s trend, but fashion recycles itself and you should try to pick out the ideas that you can find today in modern pieces. Try a knit sweater or cardigan. It can also be a long Bohemian sweater to keep up with the trend of the jeans.
  3. Always keep in mind proportions. Don’t wear base shirts that go past the hemline of the jeans. You should either tuck the shirt of your choice in or wear one that falls right where it is supposed to be. You can always add accessories like belts and necklaces to define the trend, and it will resemble a little of the 70’s style.
  4. If you aren’t sure yet on what shoe to wear with your flare jeans, just try to remember to stay away from flats or sandals. Keep in mind that flare jeans have a bell bottom and their purpose is not to drag or to look crumbled, but flow naturally with a little heel.

For accessories or shoes plan a visit to Dem Two Hands located on North Fulteron Avenue in Montclair. They have great variety in jewelry, scarves and hats, for some fashion inspiration. Urban Outfitters on Park Street is sure to have great options in flare jeans, so plan time to shop this weekend!

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