Workout Fashion from Lululemon

Workout clothes are not always the most flattering options, so these tips can help you land some great finds from Lululemon!

Lululemon workout options.

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia.

Do you ever see paparazzi snaps of celebrities heading to the gym and wonder how they could look so good, even in something as simple as workout clothes?  Well, just like everything else in their wardrobe, a lot of thought went into purchasing that “simple” apparel.  The secret is combining fashion and fitness into one.  Here are a few tips to amp up your work out wardrobe:

  • All Black = Major Slimming Power. All black is a favorite among the celebs for its magic slimming powers.  The dark hue masks curves by blending the top and bottom of the body into one solid color.  For the most slender look, sport a pair of black leggings with a sports bra and a black jacket to top it off.
  • Neon Colors. Not only will these bright shades bring some life and energy to your fitness routine, but neon colors also make the skin appear tanner.  Yep, that right!  No tanning salon necessary.  Take a cue from celebrity Shay Mitchell, who was spotted looking fresh faced and golden while running outside with neon pink leggings and some bright green Nike sneakers.
  • Sleek Shades. If you’re an outdoor workout kind of girl, you’re going to need some shades to protect your eyes from the harsh sun.  Mirrored aviators are the perfect accessory for any fitness outfit.  Particularly if you don’t have anything bright colored in your wardrobe, these neon colored shades will add the perfect pop of color to your look.
  • Geometric Patterns. This is a great way to combine interesting prints with work out apparel.  A good portion of fitness clothing is solid colored, so sporting an intricate pattern will make you stand out.  In particular, geometric designs such as upside down triangles are on trend right now.
  • Interesting Sports Bras. Sports bras now come in so many different designs so why settle for something basic?  Try a bra with interesting cut outs, or with removable straps for a change of style.

The secret to getting yourself to the gym isn’t just the workout anymore.  Feeling confident in fitness apparel can sometimes be enough motivation in itself to get you moving.  The perfect spot to find celebrity-worthy work out apparel is Lululemon.

Lululemon Athletica is a high-end sportswear store located on 520 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair, N.J.  The store features everything from neon colored clothes to fun and interesting sports bras in addition to so much more.  The company takes pride in providing equipment and apparel designed for all different kinds of fitness classes and exercise.  There will be no shortage of chic sporty clothing at Lululemon!

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