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The best ab workouts to get your body ready for the summer sun by Advanced Fitness Concepts and Gordon Waddell.

Advanced Fitness Concepts and Gordon Waddell bring fitness with their ab workshop.

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As summer is approaching, people are working harder on their beach bods. The benefits of core workouts are amazing whether it’s the gym or pilates, yet they can also be just as dangerous. Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner and everyone is so concerned about having the best appearance, many often forget that your health should come before your physique.

On April 30, a free workshop, Abdominal Exercises: The Best and the Worst, is being hosted by Advanced Fitness Concepts and Gordon Waddell. The intention is to assist in educating people that are interested in working on the core along with learning more about doing it safely.

“The core is the center of the body, [and] without a strong core you will be off balance,” said Katerina Korunovski, a student of the nursing program at Ramapo College. “In nursing we call balance ‘the center of gravity,’ which is even distribution of weight throughout the whole body. Keeping the core strong and tight is relevant for this purpose.”

At the event anyone can develop a better understanding of which popular exercises are actually the cause of most common back and neck pain, along with some safer alternatives.

“Ab machines at the gym and excess floor crunches can lead to a multitude of problems such as forward head posture, increased pressure on L4/L5 disks and can lead to faulty recruitment patterns overall,” said DJ Hamker a certified personal trainer and holistic health coach who has been deeply interested and involved in fitness from a young age. “The (inner unit) transverse abdominal is the muscle responsible for low back support and optimal stabilization.”

The best aspect of the event is not only that it’s free, but no gym is necessary to discover the safest and most optimal exercises for each individual’s body. Everybody is unique, so it’s important to understand how something that may work for someone else might not be the best for another.

“Because our core is the base of everything we do, a strong core is responsible for helping maintain posture,” said Amber Fernicola, personal trainer and group fitness instructor. “Your core is what keeps your body stable and will keep you safe in everyday activities like picking up and moving heavy objects. A lot of that has to do with having the strength in the abdominals and lower back to be able to lift without arching the lumbar spine.”

The information being offered is not something that can be easily discovered on television or on the internet alone. Trained and certified professionals want to offer something beneficial to the public in order to develop a more compassionate way to build abdominal strength without hurting unnecessarily

The workshop is open for all to join in for a hands-on, fun and educational 90-minute workshop. Pre-registration is required by Thursday, April 28. For more information visit,, or call 973-865-6691.

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