Back to School Blast at Montclair Pediatric Dental

Find fun, games and an oral health education at this open-to-the-community event, Back to School Blast, by Montclair Pediatric Dental on Sept. 24.

There’s no reason to fear the dentist at this child-friendly, pop-art, superhero-themed spectacular with their Back to School Blast event. 

back to school blast
Photo courtesy of Salmiyeh Khan.

Did you know that one of the top reasons kids miss school is dental pain? Founder of Montclair Pediatric Dental, Dr. Tyra Manso, is on a mission to stop this epidemic and she’s doing it in style. On Sep. 24, Montclair Pediatric Dental is hosting a Back to School Blast event. Located in their home office at 31 Valley Road, this community spectacular will run from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. and is open to the entire neighborhood.

Kids and parents alike are in for a treat as Dr. Manso has organized goodies and games for everyone. The best part about the Back to School Blast is that everyone will receive oral health education.

Some of what visitors can expect from the Back to School Blast includes free frozen yogurt, school supplies, face painting and tons of photo opportunities. Also, kids get to participate in “Be a Dentist for a Day” where young ones can experiment with dental Play-Doh sets and take a turn examining their parents in a dentist’s chair. If time permits, Dr. Manso is also happy to offer free oral health screenings to any interested attendees.

Several small businesses in the Montclair area have contributed to this autumn affair because they believe in what Dr. Tyra Manso is doing. Let’s Yo, Eastside Mags, Kidding Around Toys and Apple Village are only a few of the shops that have donated yummy snacks and raffle prizes to all the visitors of this event.

“People are joining every day and I’m so pleased,” said Dr. Manso. “TLC Nail Salon, which I frequent, has also donated to this event so there will be something for the moms too.”  Little Nest and Montclair Baby have also contributed. Until Sept. 24, more businesses may be added to this list.

Parents are often unsure of when it’s time to bring their child to the dentist. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry both state that kids should have an established dental home by age one. “My son is two years old so I know how difficult it can be to instill oral health skills so early on but it doesn’t make it any less important. This Back to School Blast event is meant to get the ball rolling for a lot of families,” said Dr. Manso.

Dr. Manso has some parental advice for those having trouble teaching proper health care to their little ones. “What I do for my son is I let him see me taking care of my teeth,” said Dr. Manso. “I explain how mommy has to brush and then he does it on his own afterwards so he gets his independence. He’s only two year old so it’s hard but it’s vital.”

Parents especially concerned about how their child may react to the dentist may find hope at Montclair Pediatric Dental. As someone who has visited a number of local day care centers for the purpose of oral health care instruction, Dr. Manso has all the tools in her belt required to make dental care fun again.

“People don’t realize that the most common chronic childhood illness is dental carries (cavities) and it is 100 percent preventable,” said Dr. Manso. “This isn’t a socio-economic related condition either. Many areas in the neighborhood don’t put fluoride in the water so any child is just as likely to be affected. But like I said, this is 100 percent preventable.”

If you or someone you know is interested in some fun and a little education in the process, check out Montclair Pediatric Dental’s Back to School Blast on Sep. 24. Learn more about Dr. Manso and her office via virtual tour at their official website or call in at 973-771-5387.

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