Bar Method in West Caldwell Makes Exercise Fun

The Bar Method will open at a new location in West Caldwell, keeping the values of kind teachers, a welcoming environment and a lifelong results.

The Bar Method pioneers barre-type workouts, breaking gym stereotypes with a ‘fitness community.’

bar method
Photo courtesy of Bar Method.

The Bar Method encourages students to throw out all stereotypes about scary gym workouts. Founder Burr Leonard intended the studio to be a place of strength and support, and her vision soon spread all over the country. The fitness studio builds a community, an environment that is encouraging, supportive and welcoming. The Bar Method prides itself on being a family, and that family will expand to encompass a new West Caldwell location in spring.

The Bar Method offers unique non-impact exercise classes run by hand-picked, professional teachers that will leave your entire body shaking and sculpted. Teachers go through a six month period before they are certified. The Bar Method requires teachers to learn anatomy, physiology and form, so their classes are therapeutic and safe.  The instructors believe it’s about more than weight loss or muscle gain. It’s about making the students feel and look healthy. The Bar Method’s technique can improve your lifestyle regardless of skill level or size.

“Over the years I have tried a lot of different exercises, but nothing inspired me to keep coming back until I found Bar Method. I drastically changed my body, gained strength and definition and felt so much better on a daily basis,” said Mary Moore, owner of the forthcoming West Caldwell studio.

It focuses on conditioning the muscles in the body that need it the most with targeted arm, thigh, back and abdominal work. The goal is to tone over time, not transform overnight (which is neither safe nor possible). The techniques and exercises provide students with a timeless workout. Students, whether recovering from an injury or exercising for the first time, are consistently blown away by the results.

It maximizes results for each individual student by mixing up exercises and following physical therapists recommendations. Teachers focus on improving stamina, flexibility and comfort rather than just strength. The Bar Method tailors its exercises for all body type, ages and even lifestyles, even offering classes online. The Bar Method’s 20 minute full body “mini-classes” are tailored to those short on time. The class intensity ranges from beginner to advanced, and there is even an option for a prenatal class.

bar method
Photo courtesy of Bar Method.

Moore has been a dedicated client and teacher of Montclair’s Bar Method, but always expressed if there was another studio opening close by she would consider running it. Moore hopes to share the inspiration Montclair’s Bar Method has given her to the West Caldwell community. She will share her love for the bar method through the new studio. Her other job, a mother of three, only enhances the experience.

“If you had ever told me that I could own my own business, a Bar Method, I would have laughed. I have been lucky that my husband Curtis has supported me. My son Quinn is 13, and my daughters Hazel and Madelyn are being raised in such a time of change in our world.  I want to show my kids that they can do anything they want no matter what,” said Moore.

The Bar Method West Caldwell will open in late spring. Look out for opening specials or classes at, or in the meantime, take a class at the Montclair studio at 493 Bloomfield Ave.

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