Coffee with a Cop Program

Join the Montclair Police Department Community Service Unit for their second Coffee with a Cop program on July 10 at Trend Coffee and Tea House.

Grab a cup of joe and have Coffee With a Cop.

Two police officers while drinking a cup of coffee in NYC.
© Antonio Gravante | Dreamstime Stock Photos

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be a member of the Montclair Police Department? Or maybe you strive to be a protector of the law one day. Maybe you just want to have a casual, relaxed conversation with a law enforcement official about topics involving the community or the police force. With its second year hosting the Coffee With a Cop program, the Montclair Police Department is allowing all the above and more to the community.

The program started last October and has shown to be a huge success. The idea was not founded in Montclair, however; it started out as an already successful event being conducted in over 36 different states by over 176 different police agencies. When Montclair joined the bandwagon less than a year ago, it proved to have a positive impact on the community as a whole.

The Montclair Police Department Community Service Unit (CSU) issued a statement on June 23 regarding the event. It states, “The ‘Coffee With A Cop’ program strives to form partnerships with all Montclair residents and businesses. All too often the community only interacts with police in times of crisis.” They also explained a bit about where the idea to continue the event came from, stating that its purpose is to “afford the public an opportunity to meet and speak with their local law enforcement professionals in an open and friendly atmosphere. The public is afforded an opportunity to have questions answered or to just say hello and meet the people that wear the uniform – all over a delicious cup of coffee.”

Coffee With a Cop had its first event this summer already that took place on Thursday, June 25 at Bonjour Montclair Cafe, but it’s not too late to attend the next. The second event is planned for Friday, July 10 at 9:30 a.m. at Trend Coffee and Tea House. The coffee house is located at 411 Bloomfield Avenue in Montclair.

With recent events in the news happening all over the country, relationships between police forces and the communities they are meant to protect have been a little shaky. Many people around the country have started to question whether law enforcement officials are doing more harm than good, and in some cases there have been cops prosecuted and arrested for proven acts of police brutality. The Montclair Police Department wants all of the citizens of their community to feel safe and certain that they are there to protect them, and through this program policemen and women are able to show and prove that to the residents of Montclair.

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