Dar Williams Exudes Peace and Love

Singer-songwriter, Dar Williams leaves the audience swaying with positive vibes through her original tunes, an amiable sound and a memorable performance.

Outpost in the Burbs hosts folk-pop artist Dar Williams during benefit concert.

dar williams
Photo courtesy of Margaret Belkhyat.

Artists Trevor Gordon Hall and Bryn Roberts joined singer-songwriter, Dar Williams on stage for at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation on Friday, Mar. 5. Hosted by Outpost in the Burbs, a non-profit organization, dedicated to bringing communities together through the love for music. This sold out event brought fans from across New Jersey to enjoy the long time folk-pop singer.

Opening act, Hall had met Williams during a music festival in Canada. Since then both artists joined their talents together to achieve a wonderfully unique sound. Originally from Philadelphia, Hall has not only played local venues, but has taken his artistry overseas and continues to deliver a moving performance. What gave Hall a unique sound was his use of a Kalimba. This African fingered piano, attached to his acoustic guitar, created distinctly vibrant sounds. Hall played his version of “I Will” by The Beatles and had the crowd swaying with good vibes. Radiating positivity, he played a couple more songs. Hall’s performance of his piece “Turning Ruts into Grooves” was designed after a moment of writer’s block. As his telling of creating this song humored the audience, the melody of it softened the atmosphere.

After Hall’s performance, the crowd eagerly welcomed Williams to stage. Her down to earth attitude quickly came through after forgetting her guitar pick and humbly receiving one from an audience member. Fans of Williams were excited to hear the artist sing live.

Devoted fan, Joanne Badalati, has been following Williams’ musical career since Williams’ contribution to the band Cry Cry Cry, gaining momentum in the late 90’s. Badalati said, “I love her music. She has a great song called, ‘When I was a Boy.’ When I hear it I just want to cry.”

Williams’ performance left the audience emotional with her moving pieces. As Williams sang and played her acoustic, her performance was joined by the sounds of Hall on the guitar and Roberts on the piano. Together, the songs for the night were layered with sentiment that moved the audience.

For every song Williams played, she told a story behind and her inspiration to creating the piece. Her unique song titled, “I Am the One Who Will Remember Everything,” was a piece she wrote after the effects of the Sept. 11, 2001 emotional hardship.

Williams’ songs reflected gender, social and coming of age issues. Her personalized songs charmed the fans and had the audience grooving along to her tunes. Williams’ performance of, “I Won’t Be Your Yoko Ono” personally became a favorite song of mine during the night. William’s ending the show with her famous song, “Iowa,” had fans singing out loud and dancing to the catchy tune.

With giveaways, raffles and baked goods, Outpost in the Burbs hosted a memorable event. This volunteered based organization takes all proceeds and gives back to the community by contributing to Human Needs Food Pantry of Montclair, Habitat for Humanity and many other influential organizations. To volunteer or support Outpost in the Burbs, check out Ourpostintheburbs.org for upcoming events and shows.

For more details on the charming Dar Williams and her upcoming events visit darwilliams.com.

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