‘Insidious Chapter 3’ Review

Insidious Chapter 3 is still in theaters and you still need your horror fix this summer. MD writer Isamar Cortes reviews the hit thriller (spoilers excluded!) and warns you best be a fan of fear before purchasing tickets to the flick.

Insidious Chapter 3 introduces new characters and plots!

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The movie theaters are packed with action thrillers, rom-coms, documentaries, and horror flicks–all competing to be remembered as the movie of summer 2015. One of the most terrifying movies of the summer is without a doubt, Insidious Chapter 3. The thriller keeps you in suspense with horrifying ghosts at every turn.

The premise of the Insidious Chapter 3 takes place before the Lambert hauntings occurred. Quinn Brenner, a young teenage girl, seeks the help of Elise Rainier in attempt to contact the other side as a result of questioning whether or not her deceased mother has been trying to contact her. She has tried on her own to contact her mother but with failed attempts, she seeks the help of Elise because she was dear friends with Lorraine Lambert and has succeeded in communicating with those in after life. Quinn has been experiencing paranormal phenomenon after her attempts of contacting her mother which include things such as finding herself in the wrong places or shadows appearing in the night.

Reluctantly, Elise tries to help Quinn by contacting her mother Lillith. In the process of trying to contact her mother, someone else responds instead. (This is only the first few minutes of the movie just to give you a glimpse into the terrors you will be experiencing while grasping for dear life in your seats!)

Why is Insidious Chapter 3 different than the first two films? Chapter 3 allows the audience to watch Elise battle her own inner demons in an effort to determine whether her ability is a gift or a curse. You see her in an entirely new perspective, shining through a different light. In this movie, she is vulnerable and shows a more human aspect when dealing with the supernatural. Her new courage to broadcast her fears answers questions from the previous Insidious films.

Not only is Elise different, but the characters in this movie are also different. Brace yourself to meet a brand new family of no ties to the Lambert family whatsoever. The new character dynamic and relationships introduce new ideas with the concept of “the further.”

Now before I spoil the rest of the horror for you anxious moviegoers, here’s where you can catch the summer hit: the Clifton Commons, Bellevue Cinema 4 and Clairidge Cinema. Seeing as this is the third weekend Insidious Chapter 3 is playing, you have a safe bet of finding really good seats at the second busiest theater in N.J. (Clifton Commons). Make a night of it and grab a bite to eat at one of the many spectacular Montclair restaurants on and off Bloomfield Ave before heading to this horrifying movie. This is a perfect date option for anyone looking to spend time with their special someone while watching a paranormal drama, plus, a great excuse to ditch the kids for a night, as they certainly are not of age for viewing. I warn you, though, be prepared to sleep with one eye open upon the film’s completion.

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