Michael Aymar Foundation: Tutoring Recap

The Michael Aymar Foundation has volunteered tutoring services every Saturday throughout the summer and of course, it displayed amazing results!

The Michael Aymar Foundation’s free tutoring sessions were a success!

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Photo by Scott Kennedy for The Montclair Dispatch.

In a previous article, you learned about the free tutoring opportunities available for middle schoolers at the West Orange Public Library on the behalf of the Michael Aymar Foundation. It occurred every Saturday starting July 9 from 10-11 a.m. It served to support families during the months away from school, in hopes of motivating and maintaining exceptional reading habits for children.

Since it’s almost that time for students to head back to school, the free tutoring sessions will come to an end. Luckily, I had the chance to visit the last session and get an understanding what it was like for staff members, volunteers, parents and, most importantly, the students who attended.

For Amanda Aymar, “the program was received with enthusiasm by families and kids. This is something we would like to continue to do, and offer in other libraries as well. Union City is our next goal and we have a teacher who will lead this effort for our education. Families [have told us] this is a great resource to keep kids engaged over the summer.”

michael aymar
Photo by Scott Kennedy for The Montclair Dispatch.

“The librarians have gotten terrific feedback from the parents. Many of them expressed that what we offered went beyond academics and centered more on life lessons which is priceless for middle school kids. We attracted several teachers, whose experience and ideas have shaped the program and included interactive participation and the kids have responded beautifully to this. We covered issues related to student accountability, creating ways to be an independent student, identifying tools, understanding time management, learning styles, but most every workshop reminded them about the basics: finding a way to love reading, practice writing and find ways to communicate thoughts effectively,” said Aymar. “Basic tools that when practiced make high school a less stressful experience. We have connected with a middle school teacher in West Orange that attended one of the workshops and wants to connect us with the school because we would be a terrific resource to them. We also connected with the West Orange Hispanic Foundation, which is very interested in what we offer and the fact that we can deliver a program in spanish. The parents  guided  us to think of ways  we can continue to be available for other families when school starts. Once the summer workshops end, we will coordinate with the West Orange Library a program that we can do independently, or in collaboration with them.”

Overall, the Michael Aymar Foundation learned a lot. They learned that children love the storytelling aspect of the workshops as they responded by coming back and inviting their own friends.

“We scheduled two Wellness Workshops for parents to help families deal with obstacles in school, work and life providing them with the tools to identify the environment they can create.  We identified tools they can use to manage situations outside of their control,” said Aymar.
The Michael Aymar Foundation connects the resources they have and put together a practical solution at the West Orange Library, where the staff embraces the programs that answers the questions and concerns of parents. The foundation has truly aimed to help out the community in any ways they can, in which they believe spreading the word is vital and very much appreciated.
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Photo by Scott Kennedy for The Montclair Dispatch.
“If we had to write an essay about what we did over the summer, we would mostly certainly write about how a simple step to create awareness of our foundation led to us connecting with families who were searching for
everything we have to offer. This was a summer of service and gratitude, which are really the qualities that defined the teacher whose legacy inspires us,” said Aymar.
A special thanks to the dedication and hard work of Angela Y. Leon, Rosanne A. Bostonian, and Lourdes D’Agostino. Leon is the founder and owner of Semirosas, Bostonian, is a Reiki Master Teacher at Essential Spirit, LLC, an D’Agostino is a personal cook, who can be contacted at lourdesdagostino59@yahoo.com or 201-600-8496.

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