Slow Burn Fitness: Stay Fit

Proud owner of Slow Burn Personal Training Studios, Fred Hahn, offers a place that allows you to look and feel amazing. Get your summer bodies ready!

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Owner of Slow Burn Personal Training Studios Fred Hahn. Photo courtesy of Fred Hahn.

Live A Healthy Lifestyle With Slow Burn Fitness.

It’s not too late to achieve that summer dream body. Owner of Slow Burn Personal Training Studios Fred Hahn says you can be “lean, fit, and strong in 30 minutes, twice a week.” He provides one-on-one, private strength training for the whole body. Hahn says he’s “popularized an exercise program where you can get all the benefits exercise can bestow— strength, bone density, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility— in two, 15-30 minute strength-training sessions per week.” He went on to explain his program eliminates the need for any other form of exercise.

According to Hahn, exercise is about using science as the means to achieving goals, not fantasy. Most people go to the gym and work as hard as they every day of the week. “They’re working themselves too hard,” says Hahn, “and they are not seeing results.” His approach to strength training is simple, “We are trying to discover the least amount of work necessary, not the most a person can withstand.”

Slow Burn is as it sounds: slow. There’s no sweating because the client is kept at a comfortable temperature. “There is less stress on the joints because they are not moving as much as with traditional exercise.” Therefore, Slow Burn is excellent for clients with arthritis.

Slow Burn is a total fitness program for changing body composition. It requires the client to limit sugar intake so that the body burns fat during the workout. There are some results with Slow Burn that might surprise you. With the change in body composition, metabolic rate also changes, making the client healthier. Hahn says some of his clients with Type II Diabetes have had reversed symptoms after working with him.

Hahn also takes a vital and exciting approach to childhood obesity. He says, “If you saw a ten year old who was 6 feet tall, you wouldn’t say he eats too much. Why should you say that because a child is heavy?” Obesity is caused by glandular disruption that leads the person to feel hungry because he isn’t getting energy from food. “It’s going straight to storage in the form of fat,” says Hahn. Changing the sugar intake coupled with strength training creates a change in body composition that allows for better energy levels.

Hahn also says obese children are only 3-5 minutes less active than other children on average. And, most importantly, obese children are physically stronger than other children. Hahn’s approach is to encourage self-esteem by reinforcing the child’s existing strengths.

Slow Burn has also helped the elderly gain their strength back. His oldest client is age 90, and he is more autonomous now than in the past.

Hahn’s typical clients are usually 40-45 years old and fall under the busy categories of CEOs, stay-at-home moms, and artists that strive to balance exercise with their schedule. He says he also gives kids an athletic edge because the stronger they are, the faster they are and less inclined to injury.

Hahn is the co-author of The Slow Burn™ Fitness Revolution and Strong Kids Healthy Kids. His co-authors are Michael R. Eades, MD, and Mary Dan Eades, MD.


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