Speed Weight Training

Get in shape and intensify your workouts with Speed Weight Training as they can prove ways to get results that you truly desire.

Intense workouts with Speed Weight Training.

speed weight training
Photo courtesy Joseph Michalitsianos.

For those wishing to up the intensity of their workouts, look no further than Speed Weight Training in Montclair. This gym and workout studio is designed to cut out the frills and excess of other gyms and give you what you really want: results. The gym upholds a simple yet demanding technique for those results, which is no rest.

Speed Weight Training is located at 20 Lackawanna Plaza, next to Bobbi Brown Studio. The gym, owned by burly professionals Paul Davis and Michael Johnson, is perfect for those that simply want to get to work.

Speed Weight Training opened four years ago when Davis and Johnson, former police officers in East Orange, decided to put their skills and knowledge of weight training to use. Paul Davis is a competitive bodybuilder at the age of 60, and a good one at that. The gym’s front window is filled with trophies won by Davis, a testament to what he and Johnson can help you achieve if you commit the time and effort.

The walls of the gym are covered with pictures of men and women that have trained at Speed Weight Training and then competed in competitive bodybuilding. The aura around the gym is one of hard work equating to success.

Michael Johnson brings something else to the gym. A man who was in the army for 33 years, he has brought that same boot camp style of intensity. “I run the boot camp here, for people that are more interested in fitness than body building,” said Johnson. “In fact, 85 percent of my attendees are women, and they love it. I try to bring that army style grit to the workout, and I do each and every workout with them. It’s much easier to get it done when you see the trainer is there in the heat with you.”

That much is clear. Johnson is obviously a master of his own body and has chiseled it to what others can only dream of. Johnson said that the gym is responsible for getting men and women ready for the army and police departments. Considering the amount of experience within the management, there is no better place to go for that.

Aside from how seriously the workouts are taken, the gym is a friendly, encouraging place. Both Johnson and Davis’ son, Kevin, were more than happy to show me around the facility and speak proudly of what they do there and how they do it. At Speed Weight Training, they don’t believe in just working out and hoping for what you want. It is understood that to get results, there has to be equal parts method and madness. A combination of raw, visceral work ethic and a love and respect for physical fitness.

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