Sweat and Strut Takes “Comfy-Cute” to a New Level

Sweat and Strut offers athleisurewear to make you feel good, whether you’re running on the treadmill or running around the town.

Every single body loves Sweat and Strut.

sweat and strut
Photo courtesy of James DeMaria Productions.

Sweat and Strut combines fashion with convenience and performance to give customers the best workout possible. The store brings over 14 different activewear brands together in just one shop on Valley Road. Sweat and Strut carries premiere “Athleisurewear,” featuring brands like Alala, Emily Hsu, Koral and more, for you to feel strong and fashion-forward (and maybe a little sore) all day long.

Melissa Sowa-Legters started Sweat and Strut because as a mom of two, a competitive athlete and a fashion-loving fitness enthusiast. All those things tied into one person made for a busy schedule and little time to work out. She made time for fitness, but the t-shirt and sweatpant workout combination was hardly motivation. Then, Sowa-Legters discovered a whole new world of performance wear that allowed her to work out and run errands without a time-consuming wardrobe change.

“Athleisurewear makes you feel good, empowered and ready for everything, whether it’s the gym or everyday life,” said Sowa-Legters. Sowa-Legters opened Sweat and Strut about seven months ago to bring athleisurewear to Montclair. Sweat and Strut makes it easy to try on different styles and sizes. The store features styles from plain black to animal print leggings. All the products are right inside the store, so it eliminates the dreaded size-guessing struggle.

“I always saw women wearing cute workout clothes from online, but I really feel like you need to try it on before buying,” said Sowa-Legters. “It’s important to be comfortable, too.”

Sweat and Strut runs a “Take On Thursdays” event on select Thursday nights. On these nights, Sweat and Strut offers promotions like exclusive specials, gifts and fitness and nutrition experts to encourage healthy living – and fun – within the community.

sweat and strut
Photo courtesy of James DeMaria Productions.

Sweat and Strut is a woman-owned, local startup business, so Sowa-Legters and her team recognize the importance of community. They encourage customers to engage with Sweat and Strut’s philosophy: a healthy lifestyle and positive attitude.

“I can feel confident to be the best me I can be in athleisurewear. And you can, too. Stop in, try on and discover why I fell in love; it’s awesome,” Sowa-Legters exclaimed.

Visit Sweat and Strut at 623 Valley Rd. to try on your new favorite outfit, or call 973-509-0718 for more information. To contact Sowa-Legters, use sweatandstrut@gmail.com.

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