Travel Essentials for All

Traveling by plane, train or car? Doesn’t matter! Don’t leave before reading this list – these six must-have essentials complete any trip.

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Six Travel Essentials to Complete Any Trip.

You’ve been waiting all year for this trip, anxiously planning your travel itinerary, spending your days in the office dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s, all the while day dreaming of the warm sand beneath your feet or the historical monuments your Instagram will soon catalogue. Will you try the cultural cuisine or munch on the soft shell crab that is officially back in season? How sweet it is to spend a week where your biggest concern is what to drink.

Now that your bags are packed (and if you’re anything like me, you’ve packed far too much), it’s time to stock your carry on. Of course, for every individual their on-hand needs differ, still there are must-have items most anyone can relate; the first being hand sanitizer and next, sunglasses. Be it by plane, train, or car, keep your necessities at your side, who wants to dig through carefully packed luggage for those trusty Apple ear buds anyway? Below are six ultimate travel essentials for any destination. You’re finally en route to paradise, happy vacation and safe travels!

  1. Sunscreen

Regardless of whether or not you are arriving to a Dominican beach resort or touring Rome’s cobble streets – lather up and reapply often. Skin damage from ultraviolet rays is irreversible and expedites the dreaded aging process.

  1. Music

However you save your favorite tracks (Smartphone, iPod, Mp3, CD) prep your playlist before you take off. We suggest keeping the tunes upbeat to amp your excitement while traveling. Don’t forget your headphones!

  1. Identification

What could be worse than making it all the way to the security gate and realizing you checked your ID with your luggage? Never let your personal info out of sight.

  1. Deodorant

Maybe this wouldn’t seem to be so crucial, but in all modes of transportation people are often too close for comfort. Don’t stink up your neighbor’s personal space.

  1. Snacks & Hydration

Your stomach will grumble and your mouth will dry. Bring a snack (my guilty indulgence is Peanut M&Ms) to kill some time and munch away those nerves and remember to drink lots of fluids (H2O especially!) in hot temperatures as you travel.

  1. A Good Read

Read it on your Kindle, tablet, or the good old-fashioned way (hardcopy); pack a magazine or book and dive between the pages. Nothing takes you on a vacation like getting lost in a good book. For suggestions, visit the Montclair Book Center; they’re an independent bookstore that stocks new and used books, vinyl records and more in their 10,000 square ft. space.


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