White-Out Game: Show Your Mountie Pride

Montclair High School Mounties will take on East Orange at Woodman Field on Sept. 21 for the first home game of the season.


White-Out Game against East Orange.

Montclair has always been full of school spirit for the Montclair High School Mounties. To keep the tradition alive and amp up school energy even more than before, MHS will be taking on East Orange on Woodman Field in Montclair, just off of Chestnut Street. This football White-Out game is set to bring out the biggest crowd in decades, according to Chad Riley, President of the MHS Gridiron Club, which is the booster club for the football program at MHS.

Photo courtesy of Studio042 Photography.
Photo courtesy of Studio042 Photography.

“Attendance at games have been low compared to historical numbers, even with the championship team,” said Riley. The MHS Gridiron Club hopes to raise school spirit at the first home game of the season to help support the team in winning back-to-back state championships.

The goal of the White-Out game is to increase the presence of the town at games and show support for the team even more than in the past. One way MHS hopes to show unity is by asking all MHS fans to wear white, as a way to show their unity and strength together.

According to Riley, The MHS Gridiron Club is also trying a variety of other techniques to gain more crowd participation. There will be an improved menu and special outside food vendors, as well as new activities for children, such as face painting. To raise school spirit, a school/class spirit contest will take place during the game, and new pom poms, towels and cowbells will be sold to increase crowd participation. To make sure to include Mounties both old and new, there will also be a special table for alumni to connect with one another and gather information.

Before the White-Out game, MHS will be selling White-Out T-shirts for $10 as a fundraising effort, which also gives buyers free admission into all regular season home foobtall games for the entire Mounties season, excluding any playoff games. Shirts are currently being sold at Studio042, Hip Chic, Fleet Feet, 3-2-1 Apparel and All Lacrosse. Orders have been big, so fans are encouraged to purchase shirts before they’re gone!

In addition to the shirts, various shops around town have agreed to host fundraisers before the big  White- Out game. Nauna’s will be hosting an all-day fundraiser on Wednesday, Sept. 18, followed by an evening fundraiser at Smashburger on Thursday, Sept. 19 from 5-9 p.m. That following weekend, Tasti D-Lite/Planet Smoothie will be hosting a fundraiser from 3-9 p.m. on Friday, Sept. 20, and Rita’s will top off the fundraising by holding an in-game fundraiser during the game on Saturday. The Office Restaurant and Grill will be the official post-game restaurant, where they will have a special menu for all Mounties.

Autoland of Springfield and Tasti-D-Lite/Planet Smoothie have also proudly stepped up to be primary sponsors to support the White-Out Game to keep the Mountie Pride tradition strong. The MHS Gridiron Club will also be sponsoring giveaways during the events.

According to Riley, the MHS Gridiron Club also does much more for the football team. “Our mission is to provide an environment where we can support the development of our young men to be successful student athletes and leaders in our community,” said Riley. “This means working with them on college prep by providing ACT/SAT courses, completing community service and providing opportunities to develop leadership skills off the field through special fund-raising projects.”

Through the efforts of the MHS Mounties, the MHS Gridiron Club and the town itself, hopefully this season’s first home game will be standing-room only! Be sure to come out and support the White-Out game.

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