Artie Lange at the Wellmont Theater

Artie Lange, comedian, actor and podcast host, took over Montclair with an explicit comedy routine that had fans savoring the comedic acquired taste.

Well known comedian Artie Lange joked through controversial topics.

artie lange
Photo courtesy of Margaret Belkyat.

New Jersey comedian Artie Lange performed at the Wellmont Theater on Friday, March 24. Best known for his role in “Dirty Work” and “Crashing,” Lange gave the audience exactly what would be expected from the experienced comedian.

Fans of Lange were excited for his racy comedic style. Throughout the show Lange thrived on his material’s shock value. With multiple references to severe drug use and sexual commentary, Lange’s performance had its highs and lows.

Lange isn’t shy to acknowledge his battle with drug addiction. For years the comedian has used his addiction as a basis for his standup routine. During the show Lange said, “I’m a heroin addict and that’s terrible. Anyone do heroin here?” Though a few members of the crowd felt uncomfortable after this joke, most of Lange’s fans cheered and whistled as a response.

After the show audience member Carolina Acevedo said, “It was funny in the most inappropriate way.”

As a NJ native, Lange gave homage to his home state. Lange joked about local colleges Union County College and Montclair State University. Both institutions received acknowledgment from the audience in the form of howling and excitement. Lange also joked about his failed attempt at attending Union County College. He then hilariously undermined a specified Marketing degree from Montclair State University. Though Lange drew a correlation between the degree’s significance to a Twinkie’s cardboard backing, the crowd appreciated the wit.

A memorable moment during the performance was when a heckler in the audience hauled Lange’s routine. This common incident in stand-up comedy often shows the true style of a comedian. This heckler in particular sat in the front row and seemed to be yelling and using grand gestures to grab Lange’s attention. Lange then proceeded to roast the fan, as most comedians would.  Lange improvised a song about the fan’s flagrant appearance. After a few minutes, the fan was escorted out the theater.    

Lange also used racially charged jokes as a way to increase his material’s shock value. One of Lange’s skits involved a Puerto Rican drug dealer. The story humorously exaggerated the difficulty to track down the ethnic dealer.

Longtime fans noticed classic jokes heard in Lange’s earlier performances. Lange told his archetypal jokes, sharing his fear of heights and a certain sexual phobia. As Lange referenced the memorable Empire State Building skit, fans fully enjoyed Lange’s comedic career and suggestive sequence.   

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