March Winter Storm Images From Emerging Photo Artist Armando -OUTthere- Diaz

March 7th, 2018 Winter Storm Images From Emerging Photo Artist Armando -OUTthere- Diaz.

On the evening of March 7, 2018, an intrepid photographer staggered into the offices of Studio042, Montclair’s local printer, on Bloomfield Avenue. Studio042 was one of the very few still open after 5:00 PM on that snow beaten night. The photographer, Armando -OUTthere- Diaz, was covered head-to-toe with ice and snow and just simply requested some paper towels with which to dry his lens. He was equipped with a Sony A77II mounted with a 35mm and a 70-210mm lens from inside his coat. Little did Armando know that Studio042 is also owned by the publishers of The Montclair Dispatch. For his efforts, Armando was rewarded and herein are his photographs from that snow-covered night.

Armando can be reached at @outtherenj on both Instagram and Facebook.


Time-lapse video from March 7, 2018:

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